Woodworking Project Kits

Have you ever bought a set of woodworking project plans and had a hard time finding the lumber to do the project, or when you did find the lumber, it was sized in such a way that you had to purchase more than you needed? When you buy lumber, plans, and hardware separately even a small woodworking project can get very expensive and time consuming. You must take the time to drive to the lumber yard and or hardware store, and then once you get there who knows how long it could take to find the lumber and hardware that you need. I know that when I go to Home Depot I can never seem to get out of there in less than an hour, even when I only need one or two simple items. Then you have the cost of your fuel etc. and sometimes it can be nearly impossible to find quality hardwoods like American Cherry, Black Walnut and Oak. Usually you can forget about finding woods like Eastern Red Cedar and Sassafras. When you buy one of our woodworking project kits, everything is included. You get the plans, hardware and lumber all in one package. The woodworking plans are easy to read with step by step instructions and full sized templates. The hardware is of the best quality. The furniture grade lumber in our kits has been edged to the proper widths, end trimmed to the correct lengths and planed to the right thicknesses so that you can complete the project with ease in record time.

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