Red Cedar Flooring

Though it is not a hardwood Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar makes a great flooring. It surpasses Pine in both hardness and beauty. Aromatic Red Cedar Tongue and Groove Flooring can be used in any part of the home. Aromatic or Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus Verginiana) is a truly fantastic wood which has many outstanding properties. It is resistant to cockroaches, silverfish, moths and mildew. It will not rot, even after years of exposure to moisture, and it is very dimensionally stable, in that it expands and contracts very little during moister changes, and therefore, it is very resistant to bowing, warping and cupping. Also it has a unique beauty that is virtually unmatched by any other domestic species. We manufacture both a Narrow Plank Aromatic Red Cedar Tongue & Groove Flooring and a Wide Plank Aromatic Red Cedar Tongue & Groove Flooring.

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