Cherry Turning Blanks

American Wild Black Cherry (Prunus serotina) is one of the most beautiful North American Hardwoods. It has a wonderfully attractive grain, and its warm colors seem to add a glow to almost any environment. American Black Cherry lumber ranges from a pretty salmon color to a deep warm red that only improves with time. Because of its fine grain and the possibility of outstanding figure, this species is one of the most sought after of the North American hardwoods. Early American settlers prized this wood for both its beauty and workability. Cherry is stable, straight-grained, and turns well. Cherry turning stock has a decent strength-to-weight ratio. Cherry heartwood is rated as being very durable and resistant to decay. Cherry lumber is commonly used in the construction of fine indoor furniture, Architectural mill work, Trim, Moldings, Musical instruments, fine hardwood flooring and for the turning of bowls and spindles. It is said that Cherry’s colors can quickly be darkened and aged by exposing it to direct sunlight. American Black Cherry, an outstanding lumber for any project

New Products For July - Cherry Turning Blanks

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